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Fix Wireless Connection
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Easy steps For reset Belkin Range Extender

If you facing some connection issue in your home or workplace then you want to check the reason behind it. Generally, our routers don’t cowl the whole home network. They supply Wireless signals up to the restricted area, beyond that your devices get no signals. Or typically router signals get disturbed because of interferences, obstructions close the router, that contributes to weakening the signals. So as to eliminate this interference and obstruction, you wish a tool like Belkin Range extender setup.

Belkin may be a well-known company that manufactures quality networking device like router and extender. Belkin Company’s data of producing quality devices is sort of spectacular. So, if you're near to invest in Belkin Range extender, I assure you may not regret your call.

If you already have Belkin Range extender and it is not working properly you need to reset it. Reset helps your Range extender to get default factory setting.

First of all, reset your Belkin Range Extender if you are using old Belkin Range Extender. it set your Belkin range extender in default factory setting.

If your Belkin range extender is new no need for doing this.

Let me tell you some easy steps to Setup Belkin Range extender:-

1:- Provide Power supply to your Router and Belkin range extender.

2:-Hold WPS button on your Belkin Range Extender for 5–10 seconds.

3:- after that, you will see flashing light is “on” in your Range Extender. It indicates WPS has been initiated.

4:-Now push and hold the WPS button in your home router within two minutes of initiating WPS on the extender.

5:-now configuration will happen automatically between these two devices.

6:- Now open your system like computer or mobile and connect this with Belkin setup network. then launch your web browser and open http://belkin.range

7:- Now enter the username and password. Click next

8:- Now you are in setup page here you can change username and password for your Belkin range extender.

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Why Belkin router not connecting to the internet? How To fix it?

Hello friends,

As well know the role of internet in our life. When you have no internet connection in your Smart phone or laptop, it feels like you are living in 90’s. This post will redirect you towards possible way to how to Fix Belkin Router not connecting internet.

if your Belkin router is not working properly. This could be issue related to connection. so first you need to make sure your router is properly connected with the modem. if it is properly connected with the modem. but you are still having the same problem. then you need to try to check  DHCP server settings.

Before you will go ahead and make DHCP server changes on your Belkin router. you need to make sure that, you have all the correct information. if your information is not correct. this could be the big issue for you.

Sometime the problem could be related to the Belkin router update. so you should try to update your Belkin router’s firmware and check if there is any new update needed for software.

you may find the latest update for Belkin router firmware on the Belkin official website. so you can try to check the Belkin routers official website.

if your router is still not working. then you need to go ahead and reset your Belkin router. once you will reset your Belkin router. then you need to try to reconfigure it. it will start working fine.

How To resolve issue Belkin wireless router is not working or Belkin router has blinking orange light-

Connection Problem :–  You should check the connection first. Before you will go ahead and fix your problems related to computer. 

• Checkout whether  your modem is connected from internet port or WAN port of the router via Ethernet cable.

• Connect your computer from Anyone LAN port of the router via Ethernet cable.

• Unplug power cable from the back of your modem and wait for 10-20 seconds and plug it back in.

• Plug out the power cable also from the router and wait for 10-15 seconds and plug it back to power supply.

Now you need to wait for 1 minute. When all lights on the Belkin router turn back into the solid green, then Belkin Router will start working fine. If lights are still blinking orange then you need to follow the troubleshooting steps given below.

Mac cloning problem :–   when your modem cannot identify the router, it will not serve internet to your Belkin router. So you have to do mac cloning. For cloning the mac address you have to follow these options.

• Connect your modem, router, and computer via Ethernet cable.

• Open the browser and type router’s address in the top address bar, press enter.

• Now you will able to see Belkin router setup page. So you need to scroll down and click on mac address cloning

• Here this will ask you for the password, you need to leave it blank.

• Finally, you will able to see mac cloning option. So you need to click on clone my PC's mac address and click on apply changes.

After this your router will restart and wait for some minute. If the problem will be related to mac address then you will start getting the green light.

Update the router firmware :-    if you have an older router, then the problem might because of old firmware, so you need to update your modem. you can find the updated firmware from the Belkin official website. For more information about update the firmware you can visit Belkin official website.

Reset the router- if you have followed above these options, but your router is still not working properly then you need to reset the router. For resetting your Belkin router, you need to press the reset button with paper pin for 20-30 seconds.

After resetting your Belkin router you need to restart your modem and router, once Belkin router has all solid green or blue lights then you need to go ahead and set up your router again. For more information, you can visit Belkin official website.

If you do not have a green light on your router, then you need to reboot your modem and router once again and wait for lights to come up.

Hope this article  is helpful.

Thank you

How to Troubleshooting Belkin Router in no time

Are you having a problem with your Internet connection or Belkin router or Wi-Fi? Whatever the problem from a flaky connection to Wi-Fi troubles or even no access to the Internet at all or not blinking lights, some router troubleshooting could fix things in no time.

Try these steps for troubleshooting your Belkin router-

Step 1:- Reset the Belkin router for 30 seconds .Make sure there is no cable connected at that time. Only power supply.

Step 2:- Unplug your modem from wall socket for 5 minutes.

Step 3:- Now plug the modem back and connect an Ethernet cable from modem to router internet port.

Step 4:- Connect another cable from router LAN port to computer.

Step 5:- Open your browser and type in

Step 6:- Setup the router again.

                        -Still not working then try this-

                        -Check if the modem is using two digit IP address then you need to do MAC cloning or MAC spoofing.

                        -Connect a cable from modem and open command prompt and type IPCONFIG .Check physical address and copy that with you.

                        -Look for WAN setting >Hit clone MAC address.

                        -Restart your router and modem.

                 Thank you

 What is router’s firmware and why Update Your Router Firmware

Hello friends

We all know Router is one of the most important part of our home internet setup. We basically believe that turn it on and off again is the solution when any problems occurs. But believe me doing on and off we are putting our data on risk even our Bank details and other important information.

Friends I know 90% time on and off works but is it ok to put you important data on risk and make hackers work easy. I hope you also don’t want to share you private data with Hackers.

Now you are thinking what else we can do?

Friend, To make our privacy strong we need to update our router’s Firmware. It’s Important to update router firmware regularly to keep security features up to date.

The next thing is coming into your mind what is Router’s Firmware??

Router Firmware:-  Simple words “Software for hardware”.  Firmware is software embedded in a piece of Hardware inside of your Router. According to router companies Firmware is software which provides network protocols, security and Administrative controls. It’s Preinstalled and most essential software in the Routers ROM.  It also allows the router to be configured and customized according to the network operating environment.

It can’t be deleted by the user, We only can replace it by the new version provided by vendor.

Why updating Router’s Firmware is important:-

As I told you in starting that Updating Router’s Firmware enhance your router’s  security indirectly enhance your privacy. But security is not only benefits there are many more

  1. Enhance security :-

  2. Enhance Performance